Kodaline gig & OOTD.


It’s sad to say for me now my Christmas is over…. You must be thinking what the hell is she on about that was ages ago, well let me explain. (oh god not a nothing ramble.) Don’t worry I won’t keep you hear too long! – As a Christmas present me and twin brother got tickets to see Kodaline, which if you don’t know who they are… then a.) You’re missing out and b.) They’re an Irish indie rock band… top hits include ‘High Hopes’ & ‘Love Like This’.

I can see you all nodding now, and going oh yeah I know who they are.  The venue was the Roundhouse in Camden, which I had never been before, and now it has to be one of my favourite venues in London. It provided a much more quaint yet intimate feeling, which was then projected through the crowd, which you could see from Steve (lead vocals) face when the band when silent and the crowd just sang back to him, his smile just lit up the room. (Girls screaming, and going oh my gaaaawd!- he’s so cute).

11006414_1553998324886268_3916618851326813633_nSo yeah I’m going to keep it short and snappy for once (HOORRAAAAAY!) If you haven’t checked out Kodaline, I advise you to Spotify them, Youtube them.. do whatever you must do! Down below is the outfit I wore, and the odd picture from the concert. Anyone know of any compact digital cameras they would advise for concerts as I can’t bring my DSLR in there, and I want better photos! Something a lot lighter, please comment below!- If not you will have to suffer with iphone photos from concerts forever and ever! (Jokes)


Tshirt – Play, Comme Des Garçon (second hand)

Jacket- Forever 21

Jeans- Asos Ridley high waisted jeans

Belt- New Look

Tote bag- Monki

Shoes- H&M

Socks- Primark

Necklace- Christmas present, (trying to get the link off my mum haha!)


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