Street Style @ LFW // Topshop AW’15

IMG_0418IMG_0423IMG_0410IMG_0409Today I had the opportunity to shoot street style at Topshop AW’15 sounds exciting yes..?! Well yes, but a sudden rush off sleet in the freezing cold I’m still shaking. I caught a few great photos today but I will be off to Somerset House tomorrow to get some more. I found out that the more impromptu photos become more of a success rather than capturing the person directly. I will definitely take this on board, and hopefully get some better ones tomorrow. Below are the ones I got today:

a1 IMG_0594IMG_0480 IMG_0516 IMG_0540 IMG_0645IMG_0568IMG_0637IMG_0598IMG_0717(All bow down to Suzie Bubble) IMG_0419

The common feature throughout many peoples outfits were textures and statements of coats, fur / faux coats were a must! I mean the weather was horrific, sleet at one point… It was ludicrous to see many “peacocks” parading in ridiculous yet nice outfits, but beyond practical (soz, Sib the grandma) . My favourite was the alphabet letters jacket, I would adore a shirt like that. Bright colours and suede were very popular throughout jackets and skirts a real 70’s feel, if you manage to watch the show was a focus in the Topshop range.

If you forget the horrific weather today I had so much fun, and I can’t wait for tomorrow as I know what works best in front of the lens. Hope you enjoyed this post! Here’s a sneaky paparazzi of my girl crush Alexa Chung and Suzie Bubble, I still can’t believe she was meters away from me, even though this is irrelevant to the post, just for my personal use (not in any creepy way.. haha!)

IMG_0673 suzie bubble

Don’t forget to be kind and follow me on here,Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin. And I’ll speak to you guys tomorrow, again enjoy Fashion Week lovelies.

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