Street Style @ LFW #2 // Somerset House.

IMG_0729IMG_0826600 photos later and I’ve finally been able to whittle down my favourite shots from today. After yesterdays horrific weather for my first fashion week experience, the weather was definitely better today, which made the lighting a dream.. HALLELUJAH! I realised I prefer and was stronger (if I do say myself) at candid shots so this is what I took a lot of effort in today’s shots, I also experimented with a different lens as well today so I hope you enjoy! Hope you enjoy and sadly this is my last street style posts as I’m working tomorrow but I can’t wait for September… Roll on fashion week, again!

IMG_0810IMG_1108  IMG_0845 IMG_0846 IMG_0851 IMG_0856 IMG_0872 IMG_0892 IMG_0894 IMG_0902 IMG_0926 IMG_0952 IMG_0968 IMG_0975 IMG_0985 IMG_0996 IMG_1073 IMG_1178IMG_1137IMG_1154IMG_1206

It’s so inspiring seeing other people’s interpretations of fashion! I’m definitely drawn to people’s accessories, they do make or break an outfit. My favourite piece was the Peanuts Collection (Charlie Brown and Snoopy) clutch bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company and the Mondrian style bag. IN LOVE!!!

Sadly today was my last street style of London Fashion until September, but I can’t wait to shoot some more! In the mean time I will explore more street style out and a bought and report back to guys as I enjoy this so much and it just shows how great and diverse British fashion is.

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