Where To Eat In London? Choccywoccydoodah!

10685531_1472988256320609_4101012169815248626_nThrough the cobbled side street just off Carnaby Street I met a friend here, after getting lost, but hey that might be my bad sense of direction when following  Google Maps. After my visit with her, I have now stolen this as my recommendation and “show off” place to friends and visitors.- So indulge and enjoy…


If it was possible to eat at Choccywoccydoodah everyday without a touch to my waistline it would definitely be something to consider. For someone like myself who never regarded themselves as a chocolate fan, this place unravelled my chocolate indulgent devil. Upon arrival you’re presented to the masterpiece of the door which you guaranteed to want the master-piece at your wedding… don’t lie I’m sure that crossed your minds as well. What makes it even more special is that during seasonal holidays it’s changing at Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day, Easter to showcase their unbelievable talent. – You do have to question is it actually made out of chocolate.


Being the most indecisive person ever it’s not best being presented with a massive chalk board of options, it was safe to say I was spoiled for choice. The prices on here are such value for money especially for such a high quality chocolaterie and café when their prices are comparable to the likes of Costa and Starbucks. I never venture for chain cafés any more as they are over-priced for average quality food and drink.

10313676_1566221520330615_3047119958337948274_nAfter numerous visits I have now sampled most of the menu (Miss greedychops over here!) I would like to give some friendly advice… do not consider this as a light dessert after, I have to say the cake at a bargain of £4.99 lasted me for a full day. Before your thinking I was sat there all day like Bruce Bogtrotter trying to triumph the cake, but they have convenient take-away boxes for the weak, like myself. Or if you fancied treating a friend or a loved one you can take-away from the place.

If you’re meeting a friend I would reccommend going for the chocolate fondue, what’s better than bonding over chocolate and fighting for the biggest cookie slice. It also makes you think your doing a good thing, with the strawberries you forget your chocolate sins for approximately 0.01 seconds and think your healthy Haley. But who am I kidding… that’s never going to happen. It’s also ideal for those struggling what to have as you get to sample an array of their cakes, biscuits and Turkish delight.


10360549_1566222066997227_7238207934437048398_nI’m off to Brighton at the end of the month so I’m definitely going to check out their flagship store to see how it compares, and maybe indulge in a cheeky treat or two. – What’s your favourite thing from Choccywoccydoodah,? Or are you planning a visit there soon? I would love to know 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post, and aren’t feeling too hungry. I’m currently craving some chocolate (nothing new there) . Stay tuned for next week when I will continue my A to Z of London with the letter ‘D’. Also keep up to date with everything else on Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin.


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7 responses to “Where To Eat In London? Choccywoccydoodah!

  1. Tokoni O. Uti

    And now i’m hungry. Thanks a lot! 🙂


  2. The cafes name got a whole lot of letters! 😛 Would love to gorge on all those items from the menu board. Yummilicious post. Keep it up!


  3. HelloWonders

    This looks like heaven to me! I definitely need to travel to London one day 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • alondonlookbook

      I definitely recommend it, and I’ll keep you up to date with the rest of my A to Z of London, and other posts so you’re the expert if you ever visit 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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