Explore London // The Sky Garden



Yesterday I went up the Sky Garden, which it’s been my absolute goal to find a perfect view of London from above… So sit back and relax and admire the beauty of London.



IMG_1313Seeing London, well, actually any location from above fascinates me to the high ends of the Earth and beyond… just seeing it from a different perspective where you have no control over the people below or around you, kind of gives that ability to think you’ve escaped from everything else. Which in London, a city that is remarkable but overwhelming at times, it’s nice to escape from the hussle and bussle for some inner peace.- However I have to say the amount of construction work seen throughout London was unbelievable, and with the contrast of the grey and brown tones from the buildings gave me an eery feel, of like a disaster / reconstruction, after a zombie apocalypse. (I need to stop watching so many films).10952464_10203395789247906_1567127396518581802_o (1)


So whether you want to meet a friend for some breakfast, lunch, dinner or a late night drink this place caters for all your needs and at a reasonable price as well, which for free entry is a winner, winner chicken dinner kind of moment. If food doesn’t appeal to you, there’s so many people that go just for the view, and for a wander.  Whilst I was expecting garden, with flowers the vibe is more tropical with palm trees and cacti, however I’m sure in the summer they will step their game up and provide much more.


I am still yet to go up the Shard, but I believe in significance of London landmarks the “Walkie Talkie” building / Sky Garden will provide you with all the ones you want to see. Plus for an added bonus you can go up here for free, which I was amazed at, you just have to book on their website a few days in advance, which for me is no harm at all.


Having said that I had a wonderful afternoon, and the place served it’s purpose I wanted an amazing view of London and to escape for a bit and I got exactly that! Definite a premier location for as cheap as chips, so what more could want? I’m just determined to go back and catch the sunset of London from above, with a sunset panoramic shot of the garden- Photographers dream! 

I am finally exploring more of London, discovering new places that I will love sharing with you guys. If you want to keep updated with my life in London and anything else on my blog follow me on here, Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin.

Thank you, and I’ll speak to you soon 🙂


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4 responses to “Explore London // The Sky Garden

  1. Such a beautiful view!


  2. Really lovely post, London is my favourite city in the world and your post gave it a lot of credit☺️

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