Explore London // Escaping The City #1

eeeeeeeeeWow! Didn’t mean for the title to sound as harsh, and that I’m fleeing the city (haha, always an exaggerate) but sometimes it’s good to get away and escape the hussle and bussle that is London. This new series will take you on the adventure with me through different places I have been, which include my favourites places and what I would recommend to you newbies to the area. So for now I will leave you to read on, Welcome to Canterbury…. IMG_1763If you saw my “Trench It Up” OOTD post that was shot in Canterbury, and from the pictures you saw how beautiful it is when the sun is shinning. I’ve visited Canterbury both in the winter and spring time now, and this time round it gave me a more positive reaction towards it and now I’m excited to go back in the summer. If you don’t know Canterbury it’s a quaint, picturesque city in the South East of England. One of my favourite things about it, is that it’s very close to London, so you can visit or commute to work whenever you want, and then you can escape from the stress in this wholesome area. I can’t wait to go punting next time down the river!IMG_9431One of my favourite places in Canterbury is the Cathedral, there’s something about old architecture that could leave me fascinated for infinity and beyond. This cathedral is one of the oldest and famous Christian structures in the UK. Below I’ve put some of my favourites images I have taken.– Plus student discount, for people like myself you want to enter, you can thank me later! hahaIMG_9426IMG_9414If you’re a big foodie when it comes to visiting places and you have to find the “cutest café” or the best restaurant then you’ll love this place. – Great for movie lovers as well!- Café Turquoise’s interior is very Parisian inspired which was the dream, can’t wait for summer to pop out on the terrace area.14900_1574440456175388_2671084244457392746_n 11076277_1574440296175404_8913453254863660485_n 11081192_1574440222842078_4334500388268138199_n Oooh yeah and Catching Lives, Second Hand Bookshop! Not only is the building so intriguing, you can’t miss it but they do a really original idea where you pay for a wrapped up parcel, with a hint of the genre. It’s a bit of a lucky dip.. you may hate or love it.1610897_1574546186164815_5427611977037948938_n11037884_1574426989510068_6977677571635808385_n 11083662_1574434359509331_5367571096659364716_nThere’s so much to see in Canterbury which I’ve missed, but these are my special recommendations and what I enjoyed most. – Tell me if you’ve ever been and what’s your favourite place I would love any recommendations for my next visit.

I’m going to Brighton soon as well, and I want to explore the rest of England that’s something on my to do list this year especially as London as so many great transport links.

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Bye and I will talk to you soon! 🙂

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