Paris Photo Diary

FotorCreatedI enjoy capturing photos for my “London Diaries” series, and I was in Paris the other week I thought I would share with you some of the images I captured. Photography / taking photos is something I enjoy in my spare time, I still count myself as a rookie and still learning as I go a long. I don’t think I could ever call myself a photographer. I will keep it short and simple for now, stay tuned later on in the week for my favourite places and new found loves in Paris.10300801_1426747537611348_6237658252550836173_n 10394053_1426747710944664_7833625069725345431_n 10402017_1426747087611393_2914145227935819673_n 10441116_1426748064277962_8704762588833473452_n 10464118_1426748737611228_3702252324520658333_n 10464128_1426747210944714_1461973527168875564_n 10489724_1426748277611274_696247461853603470_n 10500257_1426747267611375_1177596297265494464_nIMG_2812 IMG_3056 IMG_3071 IMG_3076 IMG_3135 IMG_3179 IMG_3246 IMG_3258 IMG_327710502252_1426750397611062_8463880919867151960_n

Hope you enjoyed this post, if anyone has any photos of Paris I would love to see!

My London Diaries series will continue later on this month, keep your eyes peeled for that.

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5 responses to “Paris Photo Diary

  1. Amazing captures! ♥


  2. Love your photos! I’m such big fan of Paris and seeing these pics makes me want to go there even more!


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