Top Foundations For Pale Skin

IMG_3447Do people ever compare your complexion to a milk bottle? Does the phrase “Oh my god you are so pale!” always spring up? Then my fellow friends you are not alone. Especially when I was younger I used to find it such a struggle to find the perfect foundation shade. It may have been me trying to convince myself I’m tanned, then looking like an Umpa Lumpa after applying the foundation. I just couldn’t get it right, until now. I’m no expert but here’s my top foundations for pale skin, for different occasions and finishes:


Laura Mercier Silk Cremé foundation

Now I’m going to let you guys into a little secret as we’re all friends here, I actually bought this off Depop, it was used once due to it being the wrong shade for someone. So why not grab something a little bit cheaper! – Student saving tip #1

This foundation is a dream, especially for you pale folk out there. Their lightest shades come in different undertones, for example Cream Ivory, Peach Ivory, Rose Ivory and Soft Ivory.  I went for the Rose Ivory due to the pink undertones I have, cream ivory would have been too yellow for my complexion.

I wouldn’t use this foundation for my everyday look A.) due to the price and B.) because for my everyday look I want a light coverage. This foundation would be perfect for evening wear and special occasions, because I don’t want a matte finish for my everyday look, which this foundation is, well semi matte anyway. The main advantage comparing it to other matte foundations is that it doesn’t leave your skin looking glum as it’s a very hydrating foundation that leaves your skin glowing.

The foundation is a medium coverage but there’s potential to build it up. It contains no SPF again, which is perfect for the evening, as in the day I want something to protect my skin. The no SPF means that will photograph beautiful and won’t leave you looking washed out in pictures.

IMG_3475L’oreal Paris True Match Foundation

If you can’t break the bank or find the L’oreal Paris True Match Foundation is a great alternative. It doesn’t hold the same properties (wow this is sounding like a product design evaluation) but it still has medium to full coverage due to it’s build able and super blendable  formula.

In terms of shades for the high street it has one of the largest which was fab, so you shouldn’t struggle. Again I went for the foundation with pink undertones so if you have similar skin to me ‘Rose Ivory will be perfect’.

At first I thought I thought the foundation wasn’t going to provide as much as coverage as it did due to it’s runny consistency, but due to it being “super blendable” it goes a long way, which means you don’t need as much product as you think, which is brilliant again for saving money.

Due to the price point I wear this more for long days, especially at work if I want a long lasting coverage, and the SPF is perfect as I will stay protected from the sun, as all us pale and ginger folk hate the sun!

IMG_3473Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

Again the doors of heaven have been open when this ‘light porcelain shade’ stepped into the universe.  This my holy grail in terms of everyday foundation, I don’t want a heavy coverage for days when I’m going to university or off to the shops (who am I really trying to impress).

It provides a natural coverage, and leaves my skin looking dewy and glowing, which I want for my everyday look. It adapts really well to the skins and due to smart technology (YAY FOR SCIENCE) there’s sapphire fragments inside enabling you too look radiant which is fab.

The only downside is that it doesn’t last all day, which again for a pro or a negative it depends on your personal requirements as I wouldn’t need this to last all day, and I definitely wouldn’t wear it for a night out. So it’s all about adapting the different foundations to the different purpose you require.

IMG_3466I hope this helped, because I used to struggle but now I’ve finally mastered finding the perfect foundation shade.

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2 responses to “Top Foundations For Pale Skin

  1. Have definitely felt the pale skin struggle! Think I might have to give one of these a try! 🙂


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