Places To Visit in Paris…

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I have now been to Paris five times, the four previous accounts being for a more “tourist holiday”, so it was nice to have a trip to Paris exploring new parts and stumbling across some treasures. As an expert on the London Underground I have finally mastered the art of the Métro so it was easy jumping from location, to location. I’ve opened my Parisian treasure chest to reveal my treasures of the city so far.. enjoy!

Jardin Du Luxemborg

6e Arrondissement, 75006 Paris, France1506510_1577989202487180_784723450111901025_nIMG_3279IMG_3424

For any Tame Impala fan you definitely will recognise the gate, from their Lonerism album. I definitely had a fan girl moment, and probably stood out there for a good 20 minutes trying to perfect the identical photo. *total nerd*

The garden itself is beautiful, it was a shame we weren’t in Paris longer as a picnic in their would have fabulous.  Just walking through the gates  left you feeling calm and tranquil and all your worries disappear.  Seeing many people just sleeping or sunbathing just made me feel at ease, and that other people find this as a place for relaxing.

It’s mind blowing to think it was created in 1612…

Pére Lachaise Cemetery 

16 Rue du Repos, 75020 Paris, France

IMG_2799 IMG_2807IMG_2762I know you maybe thinking – How bizarre a cemetery being a treasure, but you will definitely agree once you venture down there. It’s the largest cemetery in Paris with the likes of Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison  and Edith Piaf being buried there

Also what was most delightful about this cemetery (I know weird to place delightful and cemetery in the same sentence) were the beauty of the tombstones and graves. The extravagance and beauty of them reinforces how much these people were loved. It was weird after previously visiting cemeteries back home there was something quite blissful about this one.

Shakespeare and Company

37 Rue de la Bûcherie, 75005 Paris, France

11118490_1584232158529551_4084397714596657499_n1618487_1584232035196230_6756923084590792456_n 11060321_1584232291862871_2663868512758029336_n  Unfortunately there was no photography inside the book-store, I only managed to get a picture under the stairs where I found this postcard of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

This book store is just located outside the Notre dame down the banks of the river Seine, with a beautiful park by the side of it, it is a delightful area to indulge in. It has been a centre of Paris literary life since 1951. Just get prepared for queue’s we thankfully missed the hussle and bussle outside.

Don’t forget to check out the stalls on the River Seine promenade a long the way to capture some artwork or your last minute gifts for people.


Places I still want to visit:

Next on the list Palais Garnier, Grand Palais and I want to find a good cake shop and photobooth!  Oohh yeah and shopping in Marais would be lovely!

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