The Best Views Of London For Free


Something I have struggled to do since moving to London is finding the right balance between my finances and having fun, I want to find something interesting to do without breaking the bank. As much as I would love to go up the Shard, I can’t bring myself (just yet) to spend £25, when you can appreciate the sunny weather now and see London for free. It’s also a nice escape from the hussle and bussle in the centre of the city.

This is where my new series for blog posts begin, I will be finding things to do in London for free, or the bare minimal costs.

My first post is on the views of London. If you are interested in architecture and photography like myself you will be no stranger to trying to find the perfect skyline view, or panarmic view of the city. So here are my favourite places in London, to see the city of London for free.

The Sky Garden: (book in advance online)


Primrose Hill

IMG_3802 IMG_3829 IMG_3847

Greenwich Observatory / Park

IMG_3790 IMG_3783 IMG_3775 IMG_3772 IMG_3758

Tate Modern


Hope you enjoyed this post. Apologies for the photo heavy content, but do check out these places as my photos definitely don’t do it justice.

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2 responses to “The Best Views Of London For Free

  1. Caz

    I love the Greenwich Observatory Park. On a nice sunny day I usually go on a river cruise from Westminster to Greenwich and then walk up to the observatory. I met friends in the summer there and we had a picnic, such a nice atmosphere. Did you take the tunnel under the Thames? The entrance is right next to the Cutty Sark when you walk back to the river. On the other side you can take the DLR (Island Gardens) and see the beautiful modern glass architecture of London East.

    Got my tix booked for Sky Gardens, seriously can’t wait to go in two weeks time. Hope you’re well and we’ll speak soon x

    Caz | Style Lingua


    • alondonlookbook

      I’ve been to Sky Gardens twice now! One of my favourite places in London.. Hope you enjoy it! Not I got the DLR, as I love seeing the view of Canary Wharf etc. can’t wait for summer to have picnics up there etc. and also explore the observatory!

      Liked by 1 person

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