My Obsession With Kimonos Return.


Kimono – Forever 21 // Cami top – ASOS // Belt- New Look // Jeans- ASOS // Suede Boots- H&M // Bag- & Other Stories // Hand Necklace- Topshop // Siobhan Necklace- Gift.CDN_snpXIAAHc4y CDTZkYzWMAAayB3IMG_4190

As the flowers are blossoming, my love of kimonos have also blossomed. It’s only April and the weather is absolutely beautiful. I can’t believe summer hasn’t officially started and my collection is slowly stacking up. (Soz bank account… not really!)

Kimonos are definitely such an essential piece to your summer wardrobe and can easily transform an outfit whether you want a casual or formal / dressed up look. Plus, there is such a variety available on the high street at the minute from plain, patterned, and also ones that are cropped to knee length. So I can guarantee you will see an array of kimonos on here in the near future. PLOT TWIST!

I’ve gone for a very muted down Fleetwood Mac inspired look today. All I need really was some fringing and a fedora and I could have been their newest member.

IMG_3942 IMG_4005IMG_4050 IMG_4121IMG_3870IMG_4124

Hope you enjoyed this post. I was excited to upload this post as I have finally invested in a nifty fifty lens, which has been my dream since posting outfit photos.

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9 responses to “My Obsession With Kimonos Return.

  1. Nice look! Very dark and romantic boho.
    Miss Moore Style

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  2. There are some beautifu new kimonos in Zara 🙂

    I would love if you would give my page a look. Hope you like it!

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  3. Hollie Garner

    lovely outfit Siobhan! You look fantastic and i love your hair,it’s gorgeous x

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  4. Your hair is GORGEOUS! Love that kimono, this outfit is so on point.

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