Let’s Meet For A Catchup!

FotorCreated*Close your eyes* and imagine the scenario, you receive a text from me to meet up for coffee and a quick catch up…

Sorry I have been absent for a while with my first year of university coming to an end and being swamped with assignments I am finally free! In the mean time I have had some fun so I will share that with you, via my Instagram posts

I pretty much eat, sleep and breath Instagram, I am addicted. I remember the days of having an Ipod without a camera, and purposely uploading pictures and going to the swimming pool for free wifi to upload. (I know, total saddo!)


My friend Jess has been staying with me for two months so she taught me a few tricks about make-up and skincare, plus she did a killer job of a brown smoky eye on me!

Brunch is definitely my favourite meal of the day. I think when you become a student and you wake up at 11, you have the struggle of whether to go for breakfast or lunch… am I right?! I went to Café 202 recently in Notting Hill, incredible!

One perks of my course is I am constantly discovering new magazines to adore over, I have a new found love and respect for the amount of work put into independent magazines. – Definitely check out Suitcase if you love travel and want to explore new destinations and hidden treasures. Also Gentlewoman is a MUST! Finally reading magazines that are applauding women, the intelligence of the writing as well along with the photos are captivating.

cdLast weekend was bank holiday weekend, I finally had two days, and I spent my two days being a tourist. It’s bound to happen, sometimes I hate tourists getting in the way when I’m in a rush, but then again I miss being a kid gawping at the dinosaurs at the Natural History museum. – Me and parents went on the cable cars ( The Emirates Air lines) across the O2. There will be a post later on in the week about that experience.

It’s SUMMER… well soon. I am a woman of many excuses especially when needing to buy clothes. Monki did this adorable badminton print shirt, I just couldn’t say now!

Finally, my most recent update. One I am still shocked over, I got my hair chopped off, I am still umming and aaahing over it, but at the end of the day my hair will grow it’s taking me a while to adapt!

So yeah, now we’re all caught up I don’t feel too much of a stranger to you guys, so now I can get back into the swing of things for the rest of the week.

Have a great weekend!

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