These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things…


(Left to right) Primark // New Look  // H&M – Divided (in store)

Over the last few months I have been obsessed with jewellery, actually… let me rephrase that as obsessed sounds like something I will get over easily.  I think it’s down to “re-vamping” my wardrobe to a more “mature” style and not my typical array of ugly shirts and gaudy patterns. Here are some of my key pieces that I mix and match everyday:IMG_6039

Dorothy Perkins // Topshop // Gift (buy similar here) // Accessorize 

I have always been a fan of necklaces, if anyone struggled with any gift ideas they would know to play it safe with a necklace. I have recently been loving short necklaces, rather than busy collar ones or lots of jewels. These understated trinket necklaces add bundles of character to a small outfit for a delicate touch. Plus they all compliment each other if you wear them all at once, so instead of one layered necklace, in a way you have your own personalised one.


H&M – Divided // Next (buy similar here)

The ultimate “holy grail” of my jewellery pieces *cringe* This spike ear piece is a must, I love the simplicity of it, as it’s great for a special occassion rather than everyday wear. This feature piece is great when you have your hair to one side. *Close your eyes, imagine bold red lip, and spike earring* That has been the look I have and will continue to go for. I am definitely on the hunt for more statement earrings. So give a girl a shout if you know of any…

Last but not least is my watch, I wear it all the time everyday except for showers. It’s the kind of companionship where I notice my watch when it’s missing and I long for the days till I am reunited. I find this watch to be a more sophisticated take on a Casio watch, due to the analogue face.

I hope you enjoyed the new series ‘These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things… ‘ I will continue throughout the year posting my favourite collections whether it’s bags, shirts, lipsticks etc. The list is endless so follow me for updates on that.

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend !

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