Where To Eat In London? – Smack Deli


My family would phrase this restaurant as a “posh Mcdonalds” whilst you laugh at that shameful joke, welcome to Smack Deli.

26 Binney Street


(near Bond Street Station)


Since my move to London I have been a big fan of trying new food. If you asked me two years ago if I liked lobster I would squeal and go “ewwww no!” without even trying it. Oh how little me was so wrong, lobster rolls are such a refreshing delight. You know what I mean by feeling full but in a good way?

The menu is simple which for you indecisive people like myself the struggle can disappear by a few minutes. With the choice of California, Seven Samarai ,Mexican and Happy Ending.

My favourite is the California roll, maybe because I like to place it safe and try to stay away from the spice, which the lady recommended I stay away from the others, due to Japanese Mayo adding a spice and kick to the rolls. The California rolls were light and refreshing which is the perfect meal for a light summer lunch due the juicy fillings like avocado, tomato and cucumber.

I also really enjoyed the fact that the food was prepared in an open kitchen so you aware of how your food is being made, and there’s no extreme wait time either, which is fab!

deI have had the opportunity to both eat in and have a take-away from this place now (scouts honour, I’ve only been there twice). After discovering the toilets this time downstairs I really want to experience the bar downstairs, as the lighting and music creates an ambience which if you closed your eyes would be transported to a New York bar due to the casual, modern interior.

For anyone that is disappointed by the lack of sides at first (courgette fries and lobster chowder) I guarantee you will have a new obsession with courgette fries, I just wish I could have had an endless supply as my only criticism is you don’t get enough for your money,

Overall you should smack yourself silly for not going to Smack Deli (poor humour I know!) it’s the perfect alternative to the stodgy fast food restaurant chains. Maybe next time I will be adventurous and branch out to the spicier rolls.

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