These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things #2

IMG_8876 copyI confess… When it comes to dedicating myself to write about my monthly favourites you could say I have become a bit of a commitment phobe. I believe it’s still expectable to create this post, as it’s not even half way through the month ! However, soon with a blink of an eye it will be October so I better get cracking on.

I’m quite the indecisive person, which could some up also how vast and eclectic my favourites are with beauty, fashion, music and whatever else falls onto this page.IMG_8879

 – Skincare –

Lush Ocean Salt Face And Body Scrub & Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser

Anyone reading this who is the ” I don’t care about skincare” frame of mind… then SNAP OUT OF IT *sing it in the tune of the Arctic Monkeys please*. I never had a good cleanser or even exfoliated my skin until like June.

I thought having sensitive dry skin I didn’t need to exfoliate, and kids I was wrong (I won’t admit this often btw, so treasure this).

I have always been a fan of citrus and zesty fragrances. Whether it’s with perfumes or food and drinks, so I knew I would have had a winner with the ‘Lush Ocean Salt Face And Body Scrub’ . I was slightly apprehensive with the thought of using this scrub on my face due to my dry and sensitive skin and the gritty texture of this scrub. However there was no irritation caused which I have found from previous exfoliators in the past. I can’t get enough of this product and I am definitely going to purchase this again, but maybe upgrade to the bigger tubs because I love layering it on my body and face. If I could do this all day, everyday I would, just for the heavenly smell.

It’s a good thing, this Good Things cleanser did a good job! (I will stop saying good haha!).  I love how versatile this cleanser is, I find myself using it both night and day as I am so happy with the results it has had on my skin. I don’t find myself using it everyday, especially on them no make-up days. Not only is it remarkable at removing any stubborn make-up but it’s perfect at giving my face the refreshed woken up look, by leaving the skin soft and plump. Which for someone that finds herself watching Netflix till 3am in the morning I need every product possible.

The manuka honey works well not only to fragrance the cleanser but to leave the skin hydrated, moisturised and nourished this perfect for me as living in London and the heavy pollution does damaging effects to the skin. The royal jelly has anti inflammatory properties which no wonder I haven’t had any blemishes or break outs in a while. *Touch wood* This is such an affordable product and I can’t way to try more of the Good Things range.

Shower Gel – Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel

This is summer in a bottle. Even eating satsumas leave me feeling delightfully refreshed and the shower gel does the exact same. The scent is so light and refreshing which is fab in terms of effect in the morning, as this shower leaves me feeling more awake!

September Playlist

Walking to work on average 2hrs a day, starting a work -regime (pfftt! How long will that last) and spending most of time at work my music this month is quite the odd one. Hey! I would say it definitely is a character with a mix of classics pop and my much beloved indie tracks.

 – Fashion –IMG_8877 copy

Pointed Flats- Topshop

After walking everywhere flat shoes have become quite the novice to my life due to the fact of wearing my soles down, however I really liked the monochrome palette and croc texture on these flats. This is the perfect shoe to accesorise an androgynous style wardrobe this A/W!

12004900_1642123842740382_6221121119003507212_nSlogan Tees

I think we all know the struggle of resisting the urge to buy another striped top. I was in that predicament the other day when spending my birthday vouchers as I handed the cashier at the till the striped tops with the words “I don’t need these” oooh such power!

Zara are killing it this year. You will often find me popping in there on my lunch break having a little giggle and smerk at the sassy and hilarious quotes. I can definitely see myself building a heavy collection soon. I love this one not only for the statement, but the side splits it has at the side which is such a flattering feature as I often find some long “boyfriend” t shirts can bunch up and be unflattering. – Buy Here

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