A Visit To The Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition


Duke of York’s HQ
King’s Road

This has been the most talked about exhibition this October and it’s about to come to an end this Sunday. Chanel opened their doors, and if any of you are reading this I mean the non existent Mademoiselle Privé door on the wall, which I’m sure many of you (including myself) thought it could be opened. To reveal their lavish history of not only the traditional and statement ways of Coco Chanel herself, but unavailing the imagination and creativity behind Karl Lagerfield’s work. Mademoiselle Privé exhibition has transformed the three floors of a Saatchi Gallery into the world of Chanel since the 13th October, with the exhibition ending this Sunday (1st November) so you better not miss out before it’s too late!

IMG_9635 12193793_1655315748087858_889690342436458772_n12065860_1655315768087856_417841601540642850_n

One of my favourite parts of the exhibition was how interactive it was, people you entered the guides of the gallery suggested you to download the app and I couldn’t understand why but it took you on the journey of the history rather than everyone crowding round a sign post. Trust me you wouldn’t have had time to read it as the exhibit was packed and not the pleasant of guests in the surroundings.

Upon arrival of the exhibition you were walking through the gardens which due to my visit being a night I couldn’t appreciate the works of designed by the Rich Brothers, gold winners of this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show. However I did visit the exhibition around lunch time but the queues were around an hour, so I suggest going about 6pm as now the exhibit is open till 10pm due to it’s final weeks.

IMG_9631IMG_9657 IMG_9659 12063702_1655315608087872_6157291842080173318_nIMG_9669 IMG_9672 IMG_9685

One of the most busiest rooms was the Haute – Couture rooms. A unique way of presenting the dresses on fluroscent on rods which captured the essence and beauty of the dresses even more than before, enabling audiences to capture all the significant details. My favourite part of this room, was the photos of all of the modern muses of Chanel which I must say if cheekbones could kill..IMG_970212191455_1655315491421217_1811935884716192063_n12191508_1655404758078957_6604824553395798965_n

Sadly all the workshops had been fully booked, but they still might have places on the day so it is worth a check. Don’t forget you have till Sunday evening to see the exhibition so don’t miss out. I know this was quite a short and snappy post but I didn’t want to spoil it for you guys that still want to go, but I still wanted to enchant those who are umming and ahhing and needed that extra push haha! – You can thank me later!

What was your favourite part of the exhibition?

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