Where To Eat In London – Cookies And Scream


With over 10.4k Instagram (@cookiesandscreambakery) followers and after living in London for over a year how did I not know this place existed? I have been to Camden many times but have NEVER came across Cookies & Scream. Think of me as your guide to make sure you guys don’t miss out!

London bakeries today are up to their knees with unhealthy refined sugars and hydrogenated oils, empty calories, something that I always forget about and happily indulge in the consequences. It was refreshing to stumble over Cookies & Scream. They provide your typical bakery goods from cookies, to doughnuts to brownies and much more with their niche being vegan friendly, gluten free and low fat. Using the finest ingredients including coconut oil, Agave Nectar, coconut and rice flours. Every product is dairy, wheat and gluten free. If you have a sweet tooth like myself, this place is perfect as you won’t feel half as guilty after you devour the delights of what Cookies & Scream have to offer.


I have to confess I am definitely not one of the healthiest girls in the world (probably an understatement) as I have tried many “healthy alternatives” of products and have been let down so I didn’t set any positive expectations. In my head I was thinking this is going to be bland, dry and not that satisfying to the taste buds. Oh how I was very wrong!

My friends and I visited when on Wednesday afternoon after handing our last uni assignment, so in a way what us girls do best an indulgent celebration but this time not leaving us so guilty.

I went for the “Gosh Brownie Scream Shake” which is their best selling milkshake and now I know why, if only this was in an unlimited drinks machine like in Five Guys. I also went for their cookie pies, unfortunately due to the timing their wasn’t much left in terms of variety, having said that I was still very satisfied with my choice. The cookie pie was both fluffy and moist, it was one of those melt in your mouth moments, especially with the collaboration of the two cookie flavours.

After writing this post it is now my mission on my next day off to go back to Cookies and Scream and sample their “Scream sandwiches” which is two chocolate chip cookies with coconut and vanilla frosting inside, maybe whatever else slips into my mouth. Check out their website if you want to know any other details, as well as their Twitter and Instagram. If you have the chance head on to Camden Lock Market to tantalise your taste buds!

Have a lovely day!

Siobhan x

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