These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things #4

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Oh my, oh my, oh my! I swear every favourites post has started with some summary of how quick the month has gone. It’s true though, only one favourites post after this and it will be 2016….. CRAZY!

October was the month where I added more A/W winter pieces into my wardrobe, this led to many more shopping breaks, rather than lunch breaks on Oxford Street, deadly for my bank balance! If you checked out my recent ootd you would know I have been loving these bronze metallic loafers.

Victoria Secret – Pure Seduction Body Spray

If you could describe my spraying technique of any perfume or body spray you would have to say “The Whilly Nilly approach”. I spray too much perfume for what is necessary, so I realised I should opt for some more body sprays and was obviously convinced by the 3 for £18, as they retail for about £12 a bottle so why not have three!

Still waiting for the concept of scratch ‘n’ sniff to approach the blogging scene but for now I will let you close your eyes and imagine the notes of red plum and freesia to create the sweet, fruity and florally scent of this body spray… smells good right?

Another scented product I have also been loving is the  I love mango & papaya body butter. I love putting on scented body cream after a shower, it makes me feel refreshed, especially when it comes to mango & papaya. They are a thicker texture then the Body Shops formula but for half of the price you cannot complain.

River Island Camel and Black Chunky Scarf

I have been eyeing this scarf up after seeing Hello October wear it. My style adaptation over the recent months and my goal for a more capsule wardrobe were two of the reasons to shifting to this scarf is perfect in both colours and pattern. I used to find myself having a whole drawer dedicated to scarves that were overly patterned and bright colours just because they were discounted or on sale, but it’s definitely better to break the bank for a more all rounder piece.

Malteaser Hot Chocolate

As an ex everyday chocolate bar eater and occasional Nutella jar eater (yes, I did say jar) I needed to think of an alternative. I picked this for a bargain of 99p, I love a good 99p, except when the monstrous events of your local 99p store changes in to a Poundland.

Anyway… This hot chocolate tastes like Malteasers which is obviously what I wanted, but most big branded hot chocolate bar drinks don’t actually taste like them. This one didn’t disappoint and I look forward to many more consumptions over the cold winter nights.

October Playlist

H&M Beauty Eyeshadow Brush

This was more of an impulse purchase as I have plenty of eyeshadow brushes, but after the recent launch of H&M Beauty I thought I would add this to my basket. The double ended brush is a great tool especially in terms of travelling. I find the hair fibres are must softer than before, which makes for a more effective blending.

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