Something To Do In London: Up At The O2.


A few weeks ago my brother and I ticked off one of the major things on my London Bucket List (due to be a blog post soon). Looking back at these photos I am struggling to understand why the O2 looks so small, trust me it wasn’t, steep. We went the night U2 were performing, and it was crazy to think I was climbing on the building that Bono was in, you can’t say that everyday!

So here’s some trivia: The O2 arena used to be better known as the Millennium Dome. It’s the second largest arena in the UK, and can hold around 20,000 people and I can honestly say that the photos make it look deceptively small.

I have to say a huge credit goes to the guides that take you on your journey. I don’t often notice the sheer determination and pride of tour guides. Our guide was called Nathan, so if you are reading this, thanks! And if you are not,people need to spread the word. Always ensuring our safety at every stage and cracking jokes here and there to keep your nerves at bay, as there were some nervous folk on our climb. Once we reached the “summit” / the top of the 02 he unhooked us off our harnesses and you could explore the top at different angles, reading the signs full of facts and explore the maps.

We was up there for 20 minutes which left us of plenty of time to soak up the fact we have just iconic London landmark and also take some photos while we was up there. It also left us time to prepare us for the climb down, because we got up there, so we had to get down somehow.

12187718_1655444971408269_1498197242587675931_n 12188976_1655444958074937_3875927666690904336_n 12190944_1655445061408260_2967621815197150826_n

Some people maybe put off by the lack of clarity when it’s dark, but for me I am fascinated how things look at night, especially with all the lights from different landmarks like Canary Wharf and the Orbit at the Olympic Park in Stratford.

The climb is not that strenuous, I found the start and the end the hardest parts as they were the most steepest points. You do feel like you are going to fall at the end, but trust me you don’t as the shoes and the floor surface maintain maximum grip. I do not class myself scared as heights, but I do have to admit just before I had a few nerves, they went away as soon as I was up there. It’s not at all scary, definitely ideal for those who may have a fear of heights.

12065629_1655444581408308_3695363871063294558_n 12122625_1655444064741693_6431508113443818729_n

Hope this gives you a little insight of your journey to come. I didn’t want to reveal too much for you guys reading this who plan to go up. I reccommend this activity to any mediocre daredevils like myself (I like the thrill, but can be a chicken at time). It would make a great birthday or Christmas present.

Finally, I would like to apologise for the lack in quality of the photos, I regret and realise now that it’s time to invest in a compact, easy to carry around digital camera. Sadly I couldn’t take my DSLR up the O2, but I suppose the experience will always stay with me. To be honest who wants to be lugging that about when you are still trying to compose yourself at the time what feels like Mount Everest. (No comparison what so ever I am sure.)

Up At The O2 is open all year round, with prices starting from £28 pp, although there are discounts for O2 Priority Moments customers throughout the year (I used the 15% off code). For more information visit the Up On The O2 website

Have any of you also climbed the O2?

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