Top 5 Highlighters For Pale Skin.


2015 was the year of discovering highlighters (and no, not the neon based utensil for school and college). Yes, it’s the year I turned 20, I am slowly yet surely becoming a master at what products my skin needs. Prime example of my lack of knowledge being; at the start of the year I was using a matte foundation and powder everyday… and guess what, I have dry skin. BIG NO NO!

After switching my make-up routine and opting for a more sheer and dewy finish, I found myself receiving more comments on how great my skin looks. I was one of them people that people used to go “You look so ill” and there would be nothing wrong with me. Now I know it was the wrong make-up products.

So Ladies and Gentlemen as we all know a lot can change in a year and I’m not just talking about the weather, I now have an obsession with glowing skin. My Top 5 favourite products are:


As it’s now apart of my everyday ritual making sure every product included whether it’s primer, foundation, blusher, highlighter or bronzer  it must have it’s highlighting qualities.

To start off, I prep my face with either the Seventeen WOW! 3 Way Highlighter and the L’oreal Lumi Magique. I find these highlighter my number one go to where prepping my face, a 2 in 1 product as I use it for both it’s priming and highlighting qualities. These two are great for creating a luminous glowing base under your foundations. As the formulas are both a pearly white, so once mixed in with foundation it blends well to complete the final finish.

Other credible mentions to finish my look are:

MUA Undress Your Skin

MUA in my eyes are know as the bargain beauty babes of the drug store counters. I have always been impressed with the pigmentations and longevity of their powder based products. For £3 and the compact form makes this highlighter the go to product when it comes to travelling.  This product can easily be built up or blended out depending on your desirable finish.

Tanya Burr Peachy Glow Palette

I originally didn’t get the whole hype with the “Youtube culture” and their beauty products.  I am someone who is hugely influenced by the packaging due to my aesthetic and creative mind, let’s say don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

The combination of all these three is the dream team, they compliment each other so well for the final look. There’s just enough amount of shimmer to reach my satisfaction capacity, as I was slightly apprehensive with the fact of the product being targeted at a much younger consumer this would leave me like a bronzed disco ball.

Collection Speedy highlighter

I have this slight fear of using chubby stick applicator products, down to the fact of being a young naive girl and applying blusher straight from the stick and not blending. Trust me, I don’t make that mistake these days. The best application for this is over the foundation, then get the same brush you used for your foundation so it can be blended naturally.

Despite the highlighter being chunky and obnoxious, the shimmer in the Collection Speedy Highlighter is a lot more subtle. Therefore making it easier to compliment and adapt to different skin tones. As I find pearly based and pinkish toned highlighters work the best for pale skin rather than golden tones.


I love a good highlighter so you have any recommendations sure to fire them in the comments. As I can guarantee them to be in my shopping bag in the next few weeks.

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4 responses to “Top 5 Highlighters For Pale Skin.

  1. Lovely makeup look! I love Benefit Watt’s Up! It’s a great little chubby stick highlighter. I have a mini size of it that I carry in my purse!

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