Where To Eat In London: Inamo


When it comes to dining in London I am always spoiled for choice. You would think oh yeah it would make things easier, as the most indecisive person ever I am always in need of that extra sparkle to decide where to go. This time my newest discover was Inamo, a interactive Asian Fusion restaurant just off Oxford Street in the heart of Soho. The unique selling point for me besides the food was that the tables were interactive you ordered your food in a futuristic style. You could even play Ping- Pong and Battleships with whoever accompanies you… How cool!


134-136 Wardour St,



Upon arrival (around 4pm) of a late lunch / early dinner we were greeted to an empty restaurant just before the rush. The hostess, I say hostess because there is no waiters or waitresses taking your order. She asked if we knew how to work the tables and if we had been before, even after following the instructions me being the silly goofball I thought it was touch screen like an Iphone. The interactive tables work with projectors above your tables, and you use a track pad to move around the menu and decide what you would like.

Whilst you are torn between your two favourite dishes (this is always a common problem for me) the food appears on your interactive plate to the left of you. I found it easier to vision the food before I consumed it so I knew what looked the most presentable. (You know, if you don’t Instagram it, it didn’t happen haha!)


Before I get swept up in the futuristic technology let’s move on to the food. That’s why you are all here after all!

The dishes I ordered were:

Tuna & avocado hosomaki

Korean chicken wings

Sizzling Vegetables (V)

Again like I have said in previous posts I am still breaking out of my comfort zone when trying foods. I actually tried sushi for the first time unfortunately opting for a quite basic flavour, however they executed the combination of textures and flavours beautifully. I have always presumed sushi was going to be quite dry, but it was definitely melt in your mouth moment.


The tuna and avocado was a refreshing. My friends who accompanied me actually said it was the “best sushi they have ever had”. I agree, well that’s because it is the only sushi I have ever had!

I also got to sample some of my friend’s dishes, thankfully there was no “Joey doesn’t share food” scenario.  I got to try Spicy Aubergine, BBQ vegetable noodles and Baby Crispy Prawns. We have decided next time we have a Deliveroo order we are just going to order the Spicy Aubergine from Inamo, it was two weeks ago since we visited the restaurant and my friends and I still go on about how great it was.


Hope this makes it easier to find somewhere to eat in London. This would be an exciting place to take someone to have an interactive date, definitely keep you occupied before you food comes, even if there is silence or it brings out your competitive side when it comes to a game of Battleships. You could have left me with a bowl of spicy aubergine and playing Battleships and I would be satisfied for the rest of the month.

Overall a innovative way of dining without breaking the bank.

Hope you have had a lovely weekend! If there’s any restaurants in London you recommend fire them away in the comments.

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6 responses to “Where To Eat In London: Inamo

  1. Ohh so glad you tried sushi, it is the best!! This looks so cool, I love the whole table and game thing, need to have a visit 🙂 x

    Jasmin Charlotte


  2. Thank you for the great review! We are delighted to hear you had a great time with us! come and see us in Covent Garden soon


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