So You Want To Work In Fashion Or Journalism?

12417674_1681461128806653_2648544993749805397_n“You want to work in fashion?”

“Do you realise it’s such a touch industry to get into?”

“It’s all about connections”

“Oh so you want to design clothes”

“You’ve watched Devil Wears Prada though? It looks brutal…”

You know that look, that sarcastic and questioning tone you get from strangers, friends and family. Instead of snapping at them you just bite your tongue instead. I don’t understand how someone can shut someone’s dream like that. I mean, it’s good to think realistic at times but then again I am a big believer in following your dreams! Do you think if Christopher Kane, The late Alexander McQueen  Susie Laou (Bubble), Tavi Genvinson quit when the first bit of negativity came their way, they would be where they are today?

Answer is no 

Like myself, you are probably here because you want to work in fashion. You will understand the pain of trying to prove your point to some very opinionated people. It maybe even coming to university season. For whatever reason, I am here to help in a personal and understanding way:

Start a blog

…. or showcase your work on the internet via Tumblr, Pinterest, Etsy, Youtube (the list in endless)

Blogging has become such an infiltrated space, there are so many blogs. They key to success is finding your niche. So be patient, don’t succumb to the norm. I find some people post “cult products” and lose their originality.

I have created a fair few blogs before now. I created A London Lookbook over half a year ago now. I enjoy every aspect of blogging; reading blogs, researching, photography and talking to you guys. Not only is it the perfect escape it’s in a personal portfolio of you. I always attach my blog to my cv as I like to share my photography, fashion and that I can adapt to different social media platforms.

Intern, Intern, Intern

“I can’t get a job” “Nowhere will accept me”

It definitely won’t be an easy breezy journey. I had my first unpaid internship this month and I still had to juggle assignments and work evenings and weekends in order to pay for rent. (I’ll stop the woe is me act now) . As Boyzone once said When the going gets tough
The tough get going

If you have no experience, zero, nada, zilch. Start off with a sales advisor job in retail,, or even at the age of 15 my first job was in a fish and chip shop. Don’t expect anything glamorous straight away.

You can view some of the work I did for The Times Fashion Desk here 

Never lose your enthusiasm

You will have them days when sitting under your covers with Netflix and finding the bottom of your tub of Ben and Jerry’s is the only positive outcome in your life at this current minute. (Yes that was me this morning… I know B& J for breakfast, I apologise now)

I find having a shower, organising / cleaning your room is my perfect remedy. Then start applying for some more work experience and internships.

When you’re about to admit defeat I also find talking to friends inspiring, I am someone that likes to bounce off others in terms of creative ideas and people that have aspirations and want to go places. Definitely don’t sit in silence!

Top 5 places internships!

1.) London Internships @LDN_Internships

2.) Fashion Workie

3.)  Fashion United

4.) Intern Wardrobe @internwardrobe

5.) Go Think Big

One last major thing NEVER write you have a “passion for fashion” even if you do, it’s slightly cliché and definitely the most over used statement, as well as a quote from Coco Chanel.
Good luck with any job applications or university admissions!
S x

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