The People Behind The Camera Lens #1


Ladies and Gentlemen this is Colm.

I never get the opportunity to really thank people for helping with my blog. After nagging them to take a photo of me, well – when I say photo I object and mean like 70?

This will be a monthly series where I introduce you to the guys that help me with my blog. take them for coffee & cake or a burger & pint depends on what entices them as a form of payment.

The people behind the camera shooting ootd’s or Lookbooks or my blogging and style inspirations I wouldn’t be on here without them today. I also think I owe it to them after standing in the cold until their fingers go numb.

I know everything about him, so let me introduce you to him…


So Colm! I know you very well because we have known each other for practically our whole lives. For those that don’t know you, tell us about yourself?

Hi Sis! Not only I am I your twin, I am… FACT the best sibling in the Gallagher household.

I beg to differ! Continue…

I’m Colm, a 20 year old Religious Studies student at University of Kent.  One of my major hobbies is film whether it’s sitting in all day watching film after film or creating quirky little funny videos. I enjoy it as a nice escape from my studies.

What’s your favourite part of London?

I love how big and diverse London is. If I had to pick one place it would be the Southbank.

But Colm, do you not remember this tweet?


Well that was nearly 2 years ago.

There’s always something happening there. Whether you are going for a meal a trip to the BFI or National Theatre. Or even bumping into Ben Whishaw (Q from James Bond), still wish I got a photo with him!


How have you contributed to A London Lookbook?

Practically being Rankin. I don’t know how he makes it look so easy!

I wouldn’t give yourself that high standard! (Jokes, I am grateful for your help!)

When I meet you, every time is a photo opportunity. Whether it’s an outfit post or taking pictures of you with food. So I guess I am the reason your blog is a success…

If you say so Colm… witnesses his head get big *ego boost*


In 5 years time (we could be walking round a zoo) where will you be?

In 5 years time I hope to be either a teacher, a professor, or hopefully retired because I won the lottery.

Let’s ask the important red carpet question! So who are you wearing today?

My most recent purchase, as in yesterday is this jacket from Topman. It’s perfect for layering for winter as I can still manage to put a coat over it. Then for spring I can just wear it as it is.


White shirt & Jeans – H&M

Jumper – Asos

Shoes- River Island

Who are you style icons?

Probably the likes Xavier Dolan, the most recent face for Louis Vuitton SS16 campaign. I also love the films he directs like Mommy.

James Dean his iconic style has influenced today’s male celebrities and myself. He was the master of executing simplicity, his confidence and stance elevated the ways the clothes were seen on him. One of my favourite looks would be the red Harrington jacket in ‘Rebel Without A Cause’.

Andrew Garfield for his versatility in his style for both casual and red carpet attire. He .. preppy whether it’s checked shirt with some chinos or a splash of colour in the form of a burgundy Balenciaga suit.

Once again a huge thanks this month to Colm! – Check out his Twitter and Instagram!

Next guest will be the lady behind my first Lookbook, so stay tuned next month for that.

Have a lovely weekend!

S x

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  1. This look is amazing! You killed it!

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    Share this to any of your male friends if you can! It’ll definitely help them out!


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