These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things #5

acWhat feels like only a few days since the turn of the new year, we are now greeted with a new month. My mind cannot comprehend with the idea of the first month of 2016 being over…

The month of mantras and resolutions, and for once I have actually stuck to mine. Maybe.. it’s the age of maturity, have I finally blossomed into a mature woman? I use the word blossom, my parents favour the idea of me being abducted by aliens.

I have managed to read some books this month, discovering new loves – or you could say binging on certain series on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I have also hit the January sales HARD this month. A spending ban is definitely in order this February.

Magic Body Fashion Secret Covers  via

We’re all friends here so there are no secrets. I am in LOVE with these!

My two most favourite pieces in my wardrobe are backless or pay attention to the back so I didn’t want the unattractiveness of a bra strap just chilling there. I know we all wear bras but I find it one of my fashion pet peeves, or faux pas shall we say.  I have tried numerous strapless stick on bras and well they fall off, casually walking down the street and your bra starts to fall. NO I DON’T WANT THAT!

These are the perfect solution, and out of all the boob / nipple covers I have tried you get the most quantity as well. You know I am always sharing my ways to save money!

Rimmel Match Perfection

After the monthy, weekly ok, I surrender… daily tidy up. I rekindled my love for this foundation. If I have a certain agenda when I am scanning the shops for a foundation it would have to be light coverage, radiance and dewiness. This my friends tick all the boxes. The ideal accomplice for your everyday look whether it’s going to uni or for work.

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

One of my New Year resolutions was to “read more” and by that I don’t mean fashion and travel books and magazines. I spend so much time either on work breaks or my commute I needed to refrain from draining the life out of my phone.

If you like witty humour, ridiculous and unexpected turns this book will be your kind of thing.  Who would have thought an 100 year old man could be such an interesting and rebellious character. After numerous flashbacks throughout you also see how he came across some significant events and characters during his lifetime.

Brown Loafers- Deena & Ozzy via Urban Outfitters (similar here)

The Urban Outfitters sale is like heaven on earth! Oooh I feel like this post is confession hour, I pretty much only buy during the UO sale, most of my key staples including bags, shoes and shirts have come from the sale.

Whilst I am knee deep in the depths of my overdraft and student debt one can not simply spend a few pennies on GUCCI loafers, so these are the next best thing. Tan loafers are the perfect all rounder piece for both S/S and A/W!

L’Oreal Paris Style Rework Remix Fibre Putty

I used to use hairspray religiously (sorry Mr Planet) and now it just doesn’t work on my hair. I have tried the cheap ones from £1 shops to Elnett. It wasn’t till I had a Eureka moment and thought why I don’t try wax it seems to work for my brothers. So as I delved into their cupboards I came across this and I finally was satisfied with leaving the house knowing my curls would stay in place.

Netflix & Amazon Prime: The Walking Dead

Two seasons in two days and I am hooked, probably if all the scheduling of this post goes A – OK I would have just finished the fourth season. This show has left me constantly gripped wanting to know more, but also gripping my cushion in the attempted fear of a zombie coming into my room.

The Walking Dead takes place in a post-apocalyptic America, and follows the lives of people trying to find safety and attempt to build a life when zombies are taking over their lives. I have to congratulate the makers of this show not going overboard with both effects and the story lines.

Spotify Playlist

January saw the death of the legend that is David Bowie, the night before, I was listening to him on Spotify. Alongside paying hommage to Bowie I have included some new loves and old loves. Some upbeat tunes to perk up those Monday mornings, and those tunes when your not feeling great and your bed and and a tub of Nutella is all you need.

What have you been loving this month? Hope you’re having a lovely week!

S x

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