“Oh This Old Thing”


I am always one for turning negatives into positives… more like always justifying my reason for spending or hoarding. I cleared out my wardrobe the other night in what I can now say I feel like a new woman. How does one collate so much?

I rekindled my love this kimono, thankfully it never left the “selling bag”. After some unexpected spending habits February has been an expensive month. I am withholding from future apparel and food buys and restricting to what can only be necessities. This means “shopping my wardrobe” I have so many clothes, I am in the process of thinking of new ways to style them rather than find an excuse of my lunch break to fall in to the devil-some ways of Oxford Street.

Kimono – Forever 21

Leather Look Jacket– Dorothy Perkins

Crop Top – New Look

Jeans- Topshop

Chelsea boots- ASOS

Necklaces – Topshop & Miss Selfridge

Rings – New Look and silver one was in a pack as a gift

Bag- & Other Stories

Layering a kimono underneath leather or denim jackets are given that “pre festival”/ bohemian vibes. I often find layering in winter an unflattering and unfashionable cocktail blend for a fashion mishap (unnecessary bulky arms.. you know what I mean!). This adds an extra layer of warmth but also length and dimension to an outfit due to the splits at the side it only elongates the figure. As a petite girl this is something I have been investing in my wardrobe. (#fakeittillyoumakeit… lol no GIRLS WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!)


S x

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