These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things #6

editOh sorry Sir, sorry it’s late… I was held up.

Probably the most miscellaneous & unphotogenic favourites post known to man kind.

– I mean how do you photography recovery software for an SD card?

–  Sorry for the stained book, definitely a “coffee table” kind of book!

Once upon a time ago, many few days ago it was the end of February. Now pretending like you guys are my teachers at Primary school and having to write a letter of your absence. I only can only explain it as a mix of emotions. I got caught up in the midst of feeling anxious and stressed over aspects of my life, assignments and work which sadly led to rejection of my blog. Fear not! I AM BACK!

Well… From my bed taking mini coughing breaks. This week I have been suffering from a cold, cough and even a swollen face. Congratulations to the lucky friends that had the hilarity of having that photo.

So let’s knuckle down to it…


The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*ck

After momentous times of actually giving a f*ck it was finally liberating to not give one. I am never the one to feel the need for them “self help” mediums. Ultimately they are filled with egotistical jargon which I feel make you feel even worse, so I often found them pointless and quite frankly a waste of money. If you are cynic and have a twisted sense of humour and you’re in need of a pep talk then this is the book for you.

Mango Polka Dot Dress

£9.99 from Mango, I know! They had me fooled as well. I easily get giddied with excitement over versatile seasonal pieces. It might be from a “How can I style this point of view?” or I am definitely one for a bargain.

The past two months have proven to the definite need to address Mr Weatherman and plead will you make up your mind please? I have been wearing this dress with turtlenecks, tshirts and even wearing it by itself as well. I am thinking of doing a post on this dress soon!

Bourjois City Radiance

I live in a city… I always want to look somewhat “radiant”. Match made in heaven. Enticed by yet another “saving money” promotion when in literal sense I am digging myself a greater a whole in my student debt, this was a why not purchase.

After the healthy mix serum being my ultimate on a budget foundation, and my holy grail I thought surely this can’t beat it? Well in my eyes I will still favour the healthy mix due to the lightweight consistency. The City Radiance’s consistency is thicker but having said that if your loan won’t stretch any further and you want a cheaper alternative to the Nars Sheer Glow then this is the one for you.

EaseUS Data Recovery software 

Imagine every negative scenario happening when doing assignments I could stack up a pretty hefty cv of activities. This time it was the corruption of my memory stick. A deadline before it was my charger being smashed and with that came no power in my laptop. I swear technology doesn’t want me to graduate.

I recommend this software as a free, quick “in the mean time” job to recover those necessary files, as sadly I cannot restore everything back on my memory stick till I visit a computer repair shop next week!

& Other Stories Steel Garden

I remember the days when I would receive bath and body gift sets for birthdays and Christmas and look in utter dismay of wtf! Now I can’t get enough of body creams, lotions and sprays. And on that note I present you the “Steel Garden” scent. I purchased both the hand cream and body lotion. I mistakenly misjudged the name steel garden, as I associated with the bizarre opposites of metal and flowers.

When in fact this fragrance is a floral delight with notes of Freesia, Honey and Fresh Rose, the base notes of Amber woods sets the scent. Such a light refreshing scent ready for S/S’16.

Spotify Playlist

The two months have led to many conversations between myself and others including recommendations and reunions. We are in the mid approach to summer where festivals and reunion gigs are taking place, and if only my loan would stretch to a few tickets here and there.

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Hope you are all well and thanks for being patient!
S x


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2 responses to “These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things #6

  1. jilianlucy

    That book is just what I need right now! Great post!


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