Tv Shows That You Should Watch In Your Twenties

In the regular formation of a new blog post the standard procedure would be an introduction or a facts about me. Let’s face the facts, this would not interest you guys straight away because you don’t know me just yet. Quite frankly I also don’t want a judgement on my bizarre habits that will gradually unfold. We will save that later, a few posts down the line and when you grow to a fond attraction to me you cannot bare to live without.

Over my break from university this summer my days and nights estranged from my 39 hour weeks at work have been filled with binge watching Netflix and finding myself trying to grasps the personas of numerous characters with admiration or finding a tragic similarity.

Broad City


WARNING!!! “Yaaaas queen” will become apart of your vocabulary.

Nothing is more relatable than the relationship shared between Abbi and Allana, you can find aspects of their friendship in your best ones, let’s face it they are US.

One of the reasons the show is such a success is that it’s a modern day representation. The days are long gone since tracing up and down the streets of Manhattan in louboutons and chasing after their “Big”. Women protagonists are often shown often dawdling over their lost loves they are obsessed with each other. Their obsession isn’t entirely an “obsession” it reflects the traits of a real friendship today.

Abbi and Allana discuss the latest failings of their lives from job hunting, finances and tragic moments like when Abbi got high and went on a massive rampage in Whole Foods to soften the munchies.

Only downside is that it just needs to be longer than 20 minutes

The Hills


Any show that shows a young girl I can idolise on her way to reaching a career in fashion I am hooked!

This is a total throwback from my teenage years. This was the show that helped me try to attempt to “mature” my style . I was in love with LC everything… and oh my oh my the Speidi drama, and that powerful line when Lauren says ” I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you” I have always wanted to master that line in an argument but unfortunately never grasped the courage to do so.

Nostalgic style inspirations are still the master reason to why I would hunt down my box sets. Now looking back I don’t know what I was thinking … Low waist skinny jeans and a tank top would not do justice for my figure. Even if LC did look great, unfortunately I will never be LC.. so for now I will stick with the black chunky headband and dream about owning a Chanel 1.55 one day.

(Don’t bother watching it after season 5- Not a fan of Kristin Cavallari)

2 Broke Girls


Poor.. and struggling to find ends meet financially?.. and in life generally. Another show that shows twenty something struggling to make it Brooklyn which reflects on an aspect of many people’s reality in a comedic way… My only thought is why are there neither any female duo comedies similar in London?

This show was in it’s prime during season 1 and 2 but it hard to not relate to any “dynamic duo” as any tragic incident they have it may console the incident you and your friend had last weekend.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt


If your a fan of Parks & Recreation, The Office and 30 Rock you will find yourself howling at this.

Not your typical single girl in New York, Tina Fey has created such a form in a parody through Kimmy Schimdt. The majority of tv shows showing a girl attempt to break the city often shows them admitting defeat, but the positives reflected throughout this show is from Kimmy’s hilarious determination to never give up.

S x

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