The Perfect Pair Of Mom Jeans


As fashion trends come and go, quicker than… erm, let me think.. That time when Scoobies were the “IT” item at primary school. I never got the swing of them, until the trend had slowly dissolved. That’s how I feel about Mom Jeans. Anyone that knows me will always know my struggle of finding the “perfect pair” and I’m sure many other woman who is pear shaped will share this struggle as well. Why do retailers assume people with a larger bottom half, are going to have a waist to match? When this definitely is not the case!

On a positive note, I FOUND THE PAIR *woop woo*.

This sacred pair of jeans are from Topshop. I already have a dedicated relationship to their Jamie jeans and have never been disappointed with their wash, fit and durability so I was sold straight away!

Another struggle when it comes to jeans are finding the perfect ripped pairs as well. I remember when the trend was at it’s peak and I was adamant of having a pair. Even though the “ripped knee” effect was more like a ripped calf effect.

(Not my finest fashion moment!)
(Maybe I will write a memoir of a pear shaped girl: The struggle to find jeans that fit!)
… Maybe not!



Jumper – Pull & Bear

Coat [old] & Fishnet Tights – H&M 

Jeans – Topshop

Shoes- Office {similar here}

Bag- Urban Outfitters {similar here}

Ring – New Look & F Hinds


Hope you enjoyed this outfit post!

(I know it’s been a while)

If you guys have any recommendations on perfect fitting jeans, let me know!!

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