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What LFW SS’17 Taught Us… And How To Find It On The High Street NOW!

A week has passed, a week has passed since my post man was nowhere to be seen with my mass amounts of invitations to LFW.

Non existent invitations more like!

Having said that I have had my time to soak up the glossies and surf the blog-sphere in the venture of finding my favourite trends. I have chosen my three favourite trends from the catwalk and I have picked a few pieces from the high street ready to get your prepped for S/S’17.. Talk about planning ahead!

So ruffles, huge puffy sleeves

ruerryImage- The upcoming

Christopher Bailey started the ball rolling for Burberry with ruffled over-sized shirts, they were seen on both the men and the women; looking to the past as an ode to Virginia Woolf’s Orlando (with a copy of the novel left on each guest’s seat). Bailey introduced the collection as “a love letter to the past and to English history and a kind of dressing up box to visit and revisit.”

Inspired the silhouettes created on the catwalk  my most recent #ootd on my Instagram shows a chunky belt to cinch in at the waist and creates a more masculine texture with the clash the feminine silhouette. In the winter it would follow with a long line coat (video to come soon!) which would add androgynous vibes this is iconic in reflecting British style for Burberry.

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“Oh This Old Thing”


I am always one for turning negatives into positives… more like always justifying my reason for spending or hoarding. I cleared out my wardrobe the other night in what I can now say I feel like a new woman. How does one collate so much?

I rekindled my love this kimono, thankfully it never left the “selling bag”. After some unexpected spending habits February has been an expensive month. I am withholding from future apparel and food buys and restricting to what can only be necessities. This means “shopping my wardrobe” I have so many clothes, I am in the process of thinking of new ways to style them rather than find an excuse of my lunch break to fall in to the devil-some ways of Oxford Street.
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So You Want To Work In Fashion Or Journalism?

12417674_1681461128806653_2648544993749805397_n“You want to work in fashion?”

“Do you realise it’s such a touch industry to get into?”

“It’s all about connections”

“Oh so you want to design clothes”

“You’ve watched Devil Wears Prada though? It looks brutal…”

You know that look, that sarcastic and questioning tone you get from strangers, friends and family. Instead of snapping at them you just bite your tongue instead. I don’t understand how someone can shut someone’s dream like that. I mean, it’s good to think realistic at times but then again I am a big believer in following your dreams! Do you think if Christopher Kane, The late Alexander McQueen  Susie Laou (Bubble), Tavi Genvinson quit when the first bit of negativity came their way, they would be where they are today?

Answer is no 

Like myself, you are probably here because you want to work in fashion. You will understand the pain of trying to prove your point to some very opinionated people. It maybe even coming to university season. For whatever reason, I am here to help in a personal and understanding way:

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Something To Do In London: The Emirates Air- Line Cable Car

11350604_1601699150116185_117956016281570082_nIMG_5182IMG_5190 - Copy

Whether its a casual commute to work, a trip to the O2 arena or a tourist day out,  the Emirates Airline (cable cars) is a lovely way to see London. If you have been an avid reader of ‘A London Lookbook’ you will know I adore seeing London from above, and finding different perspectives of the capital city.

Trust me to pick a day to go when the weather is gloomy and miserable! Whilst the weather didn’t hold out for me on my trip, this would be the perfect activity this summer, especially this weekend. From Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Docks you have lovely scenic views of London in just 10 minutes. Continue reading

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Kodaline gig & OOTD.


It’s sad to say for me now my Christmas is over…. You must be thinking what the hell is she on about that was ages ago, well let me Continue reading

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