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These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things #6

editOh sorry Sir, sorry it’s late… I was held up.

Probably the most miscellaneous & unphotogenic favourites post known to man kind.

– I mean how do you photography recovery software for an SD card?

–  Sorry for the stained book, definitely a “coffee table” kind of book!

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My Current Fashion Staples.

Wow! The daunting day has finally arrived… I have stepped up into the world of Youtube. For many reasons I have been toying with the idea of making video content for ” A London Lookbook” but with the help of my friend Ellie Girling (who you will meet in a blog post soon!) I have my winter fashion staples: Continue reading


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London Instagram Diaries.

12715474_1692625801023519_3633566726859439119_n12742579_1692625771023522_8729921514462995473_n12728989_1692625854356847_1347074238545907622_n Continue reading

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The Relaxed Leopard (Print).


BraletLeopard print shirtBeltDenim skirt – Bag (similar here) – Shoes (similar here)

When compiling this outfit I didn’t anticipate or even think about the textures. However looking back at these pictures I really like how the textures clash and compliment each other. With the black lace against the black croc back and then teamed with the softness of the denim skirt and leopard print shirt.  Continue reading

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The People Behind The Camera Lens #1


Ladies and Gentlemen this is Colm.

I never get the opportunity to really thank people for helping with my blog. After nagging them to take a photo of me, well – when I say photo I object and mean like 70?

This will be a monthly series where I introduce you to the guys that help me with my blog. take them for coffee & cake or a burger & pint depends on what entices them as a form of payment.

The people behind the camera shooting ootd’s or Lookbooks or my blogging and style inspirations I wouldn’t be on here without them today. I also think I owe it to them after standing in the cold until their fingers go numb.

I know everything about him, so let me introduce you to him…

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So You Want To Work In Fashion Or Journalism?

12417674_1681461128806653_2648544993749805397_n“You want to work in fashion?”

“Do you realise it’s such a touch industry to get into?”

“It’s all about connections”

“Oh so you want to design clothes”

“You’ve watched Devil Wears Prada though? It looks brutal…”

You know that look, that sarcastic and questioning tone you get from strangers, friends and family. Instead of snapping at them you just bite your tongue instead. I don’t understand how someone can shut someone’s dream like that. I mean, it’s good to think realistic at times but then again I am a big believer in following your dreams! Do you think if Christopher Kane, The late Alexander McQueen  Susie Laou (Bubble), Tavi Genvinson quit when the first bit of negativity came their way, they would be where they are today?

Answer is no 

Like myself, you are probably here because you want to work in fashion. You will understand the pain of trying to prove your point to some very opinionated people. It maybe even coming to university season. For whatever reason, I am here to help in a personal and understanding way:

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2015 Make – Up Favourites


Let’s rewind to January 2015. I was quite the make – up… well beauty novice. Prime example being that I used a matte foundation when I have dry skin.

I didn’t use products that would help warm my face and give it that extra umph. It’s so bizarre looking back over the year, I cannot think about commencing with my routine without a highlighter or primer.

I often got told “You look tired” or “Are you ill?” – No, unfortunately I wasn’t aware of what products emphasize my features and qualities.

Let’s get the ball rollin’ and discuss my make-up favourites of 2015.

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