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These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things #5

acWhat feels like only a few days since the turn of the new year, we are now greeted with a new month. My mind cannot comprehend with the idea of the first month of 2016 being over…

The month of mantras and resolutions, and for once I have actually stuck to mine. Maybe.. it’s the age of maturity, have I finally blossomed into a mature woman? I use the word blossom, my parents favour the idea of me being abducted by aliens.

I have managed to read some books this month, discovering new loves – or you could say binging on certain series on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I have also hit the January sales HARD this month. A spending ban is definitely in order this February.

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2015 Make – Up Favourites


Let’s rewind to January 2015. I was quite the make – up… well beauty novice. Prime example being that I used a matte foundation when I have dry skin.

I didn’t use products that would help warm my face and give it that extra umph. It’s so bizarre looking back over the year, I cannot think about commencing with my routine without a highlighter or primer.

I often got told “You look tired” or “Are you ill?” – No, unfortunately I wasn’t aware of what products emphasize my features and qualities.

Let’s get the ball rollin’ and discuss my make-up favourites of 2015.

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Top 5 Highlighters For Pale Skin.


2015 was the year of discovering highlighters (and no, not the neon based utensil for school and college). Yes, it’s the year I turned 20, I am slowly yet surely becoming a master at what products my skin needs. Prime example of my lack of knowledge being; at the start of the year I was using a matte foundation and powder everyday… and guess what, I have dry skin. BIG NO NO!

After switching my make-up routine and opting for a more sheer and dewy finish, I found myself receiving more comments on how great my skin looks. I was one of them people that people used to go “You look so ill” and there would be nothing wrong with me. Now I know it was the wrong make-up products.

So Ladies and Gentlemen as we all know a lot can change in a year and I’m not just talking about the weather, I now have an obsession with glowing skin. My Top 5 favourite products are: Continue reading


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These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things #4

abcdA post dedicated to my loves of fashion, music , London and whatever else takes my fancy.

Oh my, oh my, oh my! I swear every favourites post has started with some summary of how quick the month has gone. It’s true though, only one favourites post after this and it will be 2016….. CRAZY!

October was the month where I added more A/W winter pieces into my wardrobe, this led to many more shopping breaks, rather than lunch breaks on Oxford Street, deadly for my bank balance! If you checked out my recent ootd you would know I have been loving these bronze metallic loafers. Continue reading

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Top Foundations For Pale Skin

IMG_3447Do people ever compare your complexion to a milk bottle? Does the phrase “Oh my god you are so pale!” always spring up? Then my fellow friends you are not alone. Especially when I was younger I used to find it such a struggle to find the perfect foundation shade. It may have been me trying to convince myself I’m tanned, then looking like an Umpa Lumpa after applying the foundation. I just couldn’t get it right, until now. I’m no expert but here’s my top foundations for pale skin, for different occasions and finishes: Continue reading


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Paris Travel Essentials


I’m off to Paris today for a short break, and these are my travel essentials in terms of make-up and fashion. I wanted to keep it minimal and not have to lug around a massive make-up bag (that can be another post, haha!) and my outfit post will be up later in the week. Clothes wise, my outfit will be a monochrome colour scheme so that’s why my travel accessories are to match. Continue reading


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