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A Visit To The Vogue 100: Century Of Style Exhibit

sss I am someone that doesn’t always abide by the rules; and by that I don’t mean any ground-breaking criminal activity. One being trying to take a photo when it says “no photography allowed.” For once I understood the rule. Why ruin this exhibition for anyone? Why should I ruin the hard work of six years curating the exhibition and the 100 years of Vogue itself?

All I can do is simply recommend to high heavens for you to see this exhibit.

Enough about my guilt ridden tendencies…

This exhibition should be devoured by all. Whether you think fashion is somewhat a mimsy subjective thing and you are oblivious to the fact fashion and filters an element of your day. Otherwise, you may be like myself grace the floors that fashion provides us with daily. You will leave there feeling inspired, enlightened and awakened.

One thought I had when I left the exhibition was…What potential does Vogue have over the next 100 years? It is truly remarkable how they have set the standard and influenced cultural trends and lets face it they set the bar for the “cover girl”. Continue reading

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Take A Trip To The Horniman Museum This Weekend…


100 London Road, Forest Hill, London, SE23 3PQ

If there’s anything I enjoy most about living in London it has to be the vast amount of things to do for free, especially when it comes to museums. The amount of joy and satisfication I have once leaving a museum is one of the best feelings ever, it maybe from the early days and memories of London when my parents used to take me and my brothers to the Natural History and Science Museums.

After being glued to Time Out and every blogger with the littlest inch of a mention about London I discovered The Horniman Museum. Situated a bit further out of central London, but definitely worth the trip. However I do suggest it on a summer day to also explore the gardens before hand. Sporting a Monica from Friends humidity frizz of a hair do wasn’t particularly my favourite thing. Continue reading

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