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LFW Street Style Series 2

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LFW Street Style Series 1

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A Visit To The Vogue 100: Century Of Style Exhibit

sss I am someone that doesn’t always abide by the rules; and by that I don’t mean any ground-breaking criminal activity. One being trying to take a photo when it says “no photography allowed.” For once I understood the rule. Why ruin this exhibition for anyone? Why should I ruin the hard work of six years curating the exhibition and the 100 years of Vogue itself?

All I can do is simply recommend to high heavens for you to see this exhibit.

Enough about my guilt ridden tendencies…

This exhibition should be devoured by all. Whether you think fashion is somewhat a mimsy subjective thing and you are oblivious to the fact fashion and filters an element of your day. Otherwise, you may be like myself grace the floors that fashion provides us with daily. You will leave there feeling inspired, enlightened and awakened.

One thought I had when I left the exhibition was…What potential does Vogue have over the next 100 years? It is truly remarkable how they have set the standard and influenced cultural trends and lets face it they set the bar for the “cover girl”. Continue reading

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London Instagram Diaries.

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Something To Do In London: Up At The O2.


A few weeks ago my brother and I ticked off one of the major things on my London Bucket List (due to be a blog post soon). Looking back at these photos I am struggling to understand why the O2 looks so small, trust me it wasn’t, steep. We went the night U2 were performing, and it was crazy to think I was climbing on the building that Bono was in, you can’t say that everyday!

So here’s some trivia: The O2 arena used to be better known as the Millennium Dome. It’s the second largest arena in the UK, and can hold around 20,000 people and I can honestly say that the photos make it look deceptively small.
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My Favourite London Instagrammers


Whether you live in London or simply aspire to live there one day you can’t avoid a London photo popping up on your Instagram feed. As London is “the most Instagrammed city in the world” with over 31.3m photos uploaded so far”. So what better way then to show you guys my favourite Instagrammers. I love how we all remain in the same city, living our day to day lives but with the help of Instagram it allows us to capture and showcase London through a different eye which adds personality to what is a beautiful city in it’s own right. Continue reading

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Let’s Meet For A Catchup!

FotorCreated*Close your eyes* and imagine the scenario, you receive a text from me to meet up for coffee and a quick catch up…

Sorry I have been absent for a while with my first year of university coming to an end and being swamped with assignments I am finally free! In the mean time I have had some fun so I will share that with you, via my Instagram posts Continue reading

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