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These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things #6

editOh sorry Sir, sorry it’s late… I was held up.

Probably the most miscellaneous & unphotogenic favourites post known to man kind.

– I mean how do you photography recovery software for an SD card?

–  Sorry for the stained book, definitely a “coffee table” kind of book!

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These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things #5

acWhat feels like only a few days since the turn of the new year, we are now greeted with a new month. My mind cannot comprehend with the idea of the first month of 2016 being over…

The month of mantras and resolutions, and for once I have actually stuck to mine. Maybe.. it’s the age of maturity, have I finally blossomed into a mature woman? I use the word blossom, my parents favour the idea of me being abducted by aliens.

I have managed to read some books this month, discovering new loves – or you could say binging on certain series on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I have also hit the January sales HARD this month. A spending ban is definitely in order this February.

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Top 3 Places For Breakfast in London


Images via Instagram @alondonlookbook

It’s breakfast week this week, not that it’s going to make a shift in our everyday pattern and suddenly rush to the supermarket aisle for all the eggs and avocados – I mean we do this on a regular basis with no excuse.

Breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day. Well, when I’m actually awake for it, so we will split the idea of breakfast and brunch being the same thing. And to put it frankily since moving to London I would have never have considered brunch a “thing”. Did London make me lazy and require like 7 attempts of my snooze button or is this a sign of growing up and being a lady?!

My parents could answer that quite happily and say lazy, pfftt! “you could never be a lady”

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Where To Eat In London: Inamo


When it comes to dining in London I am always spoiled for choice. You would think oh yeah it would make things easier, as the most indecisive person ever I am always in need of that extra sparkle to decide where to go. This time my newest discover was Inamo, a interactive Asian Fusion restaurant just off Oxford Street in the heart of Soho. The unique selling point for me besides the food was that the tables were interactive you ordered your food in a futuristic style. You could even play Ping- Pong and Battleships with whoever accompanies you… How cool!


134-136 Wardour St,


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A Visit To The Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition


Duke of York’s HQ
King’s Road

This has been the most talked about exhibition this October and it’s about to come to an end this Sunday. Chanel opened their doors, and if any of you are reading this I mean the non existent Mademoiselle Privé door on the wall, which I’m sure many of you (including myself) thought it could be opened. To reveal their lavish history of not only the traditional and statement ways of Coco Chanel herself, but unavailing the imagination and creativity behind Karl Lagerfield’s work. Mademoiselle Privé exhibition has transformed the three floors of a Saatchi Gallery into the world of Chanel since the 13th October, with the exhibition ending this Sunday (1st November) so you better not miss out before it’s too late!

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Where To Eat In London – Café 202


IMG_3381202 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2RH

Do you ever wonder what your version of heaven would like? I have found my physical form in reality on the streets of Notting Hill, Café 202 combines my love of brunch and fashion, with minimalistic clothing and avocados I will happily buy a  season ticket reservation please. Unfortunately I don’t think it works like a football game, if only! The dream would be to dine there every week and pop down for a little purchase, maybe one day I can do the full shh-bag but as a poor student you just have to settle for brunch now. Enjoy these mouthwatering photos and see what Café 202 has to offer.

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Something To Do In London: The Emirates Air- Line Cable Car

11350604_1601699150116185_117956016281570082_nIMG_5182IMG_5190 - Copy

Whether its a casual commute to work, a trip to the O2 arena or a tourist day out,  the Emirates Airline (cable cars) is a lovely way to see London. If you have been an avid reader of ‘A London Lookbook’ you will know I adore seeing London from above, and finding different perspectives of the capital city.

Trust me to pick a day to go when the weather is gloomy and miserable! Whilst the weather didn’t hold out for me on my trip, this would be the perfect activity this summer, especially this weekend. From Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Docks you have lovely scenic views of London in just 10 minutes. Continue reading

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